The Laboratory for Research in Artificial Intelligence (LRIA) organizes the third edition of Artificial Intelligence Doctoral Days (AIDD’2015) to be held at USTHB on the 17th and 18th of March 2015. This event aims to bring together all LRIA members and Ph.D. Students to valorize their latest research with the participation of leading national and international researchers. Please find below the call for papers and the proceedings.

Call for papers:



Conference Chair:

  • Prof. Habiba Drias

Program Committee Chair:

  • Prof. Samir Kechid

Organizing Committee members:

Organizing Committee Chair: Ms. Hadia Mosteghanemi

  • Ms. Aicha Boutorh
  • Ms. Amel Ourahmoune
  • Ms. Asma Bellili
  • Mr. Bachir Bahamida
  • Ms. Célia Hireche
  • Mr. Ibrahim Chegrane
  • Ms. Marwa Djeffal
  • Mr. Mohamed Amine Chemchem
  • Mr. Nadjib Fodil-Cherif
  • Ms. Neyla Benhamouda
  • Ms. Raouia El Nagger
  • Mr. Yassine Drias
  • Mr. Zakaria Saoud

Program Committee members:

  • Prof. Ahmed Guessoum
  • Prof. Dalila Boughaci
  • Prof. Habiba Drias
  • Prof. Malika Boukala-Ioualalen
  • Prof. Slimane Larabi
  • Prof. Thouraya Bouabana Tebibel
  • Dr. Cherif Boukala
  • Dr. Djamila Dahmani
  • Dr. Feryel Souami
  • Dr. Hamid Azzoune
  • Dr. Hamid Necir
  • Dr. Lamia Berkani
  • Dr. Nacéra Bensaou
  • Dr. Nacéra Laiche
  • Dr. Nadjet Kamel
  • Dr. Nadia Baha
  • Dr. Nassim Zellal
  • Dr. Sadjia Benkhider
  • Dr. Saliha Aouat



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